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The Great Resignation has everybody on edge. There are far more questions than answers – especially as it affects your organization.

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Will a hybrid option be enough to keep our key people?

Will the new

C-level or

Executive hire

work out?

As leadership you create the narrative. How do you get buy-in?

How do you optimize your talent?

What is working and what isn’t and how do you fix it?

Do you have a talent optimization program in place?

Are you

at a


What in our company culture is working?

Based on 60 years of science and data, assessments provide the information and intelligence needed to improve hiring, company culture, better manage hybrid teams and create an engaged workplace. With the right strategy and strategist.

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even during the great resignation

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Bringing over 20+ years of recruiting externally and internally, DQ is an award-winning Recruiter and has helped many companies improve their hiring practices, reduce turnover and assist leadership with establishing a thriving culture. Assessments can also provide deep insight and the data needed to improve hiring, align your business goals with your talent, help you design your company culture, better manage hybrid teams and create an engaged workplace. With the right strategy and strategist, DQ’s Leadership Network is here to provide you with a customized team of coaches. Hear it direct from other professionals who have worked directly with me. 

I've had the pleasure of partnering with Dawn to staff and build our internal sales development team. She took the time to understand the role, and was committed to finding stellar candidates for us to review. She did a great job pre-screening candidates, and when a candidate was passed through, I knew it'd be a good one. Thank you Dawn for all of your help in building our team! 

Venessa Wilson

Sr. Director, Strategic Partnerships


Coach Dawn Quesnel is certified in several assessments with more than a quarter century of coaching experience. By utilizing the assessments as a tool, she can help craft a talent optimization program that develops a leadership culture that will grow revenue by aligning your business strategy to the talent in your organization. It’s a program that will put your organization on the right side of the following statistics:

  • Companies with the right people in the right roles have 42% lower turnover.

  • Remote-friendly companies experience 33% lower turnover.

  • Companies that prioritize health care benefits experience 27% lower turnover.

  • Inclusive companies experience 19% lower turnover.

According to the State of Talent Optimization Report 2022 conducted by 300+ executives reveal the cost of the “Big Quit,” and the top drivers of employee retention.

10 top stats from the report 


  1. 1 in 5 workers quit in the last 6 months

  2. The No. 1 driver of attrition is inflexibility. 

  3. 75% of execs say The Great Resignation impacted their financial stability. 

  4. 82% of companies needed help with talent acquisition and retention over the past 12 months.

  5. Only 1 in 2 companies have a business strategy. Even fewer companies (38%) have a talent strategy.

  6. Nearly 1 in 4 execs feel ill-prepared to lead through The Great Resignation. 

  7. The No. 1 reason executives quit is inflexibility

  8. The No. 1 reason executives stay is job fit

  9. Executives’ No. 1 talent priority is helping employees find purpose

  10. The No. 1 driver of retention is benefits.

Dawn was an integral part of the success of my business. My two partners and I brought Dawn in to help us with the transition of going from employees to business owners. We purchased the company we had been working for and we needed some assistance in making that leap to the next level. Dawn provided great advise and guidance during a very stressful and hectic time. Five years later, the partners still laugh and say "Didn't Dawn tell us to do it like this.....". 

Joe Emerson

Owner of Triad Advertising and Red Ball Promotions


Assessments doesn't make your company bulletproof to the current employment market trends. Companies practicing talent optimization are, however, nearly twice as likely to avoid the brunt of The Great Resignation.

Isn’t that what you want to be?

In the meantime, reach out to schedule a 30-minute review with Coach DQ so you can get an idea of how this can work for your organization.

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To get started e-mail, text or call Coach DQ at 617-755-8611 to setup an introductory session.

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