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Promote Yourself Action Plan - FREE Module 1

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Promote Yourself Action Plan! Waiting for that raise or promotion can be agonizing. It feels like your entire destiny lies in the hands of somebody who may or may not realize your true value to your organization. The Promote Yourself Action Plan can help. It starts with a self-assessment of the positives you bring to the table as an executive and as a person. Then we go a little deeper and extend the self-assessment to all phases of your life to really find out who you are and where you are. Most importantly, what you want. With that in place, we’ll guide you through some action steps to start your promotion campaign. The goal here is to put you and the person you report to on the same page—with where you are now, where you want to be and action items on how to get there. To start your Promote Yourself Action Plan, download the first module here, along with the first worksheet. The first module is free. The modules are about five minutes in length and come with a worksheet to complete the exercises to develop your action plan. It’s advised that you complete one module and worksheet per week. The entire five-module action plan, with accompanying worksheets is available for just $19.95. To start your Promote Yourself Action Plan, click the button below for a free download of Module 1.

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