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Get Paid Like a Top Performer

When was your last raise?

Top Performers know 

That you don’t get a raise

Without a performance review.

But how do you ask for a performance review?

More importantly,

How do you ask for the raise?

In the performance review.

You can’t.

I mean, you can.

It’s just not likely to work.

Because once you’re in the performance review

It’s too late to ask for the kind of raise you really deserve.

Your raise is based on what you’ve done.

So what are you doing today

To lay the foundation

For a raise

At your next performance review?

I’ll give you a hint.

It’s not about working harder.

Or longer hours.

Or brown-nosing the boss.

It’s about your strategy.

You do have a strategy, right?

A strategy that highlights your value as a top performer.

The first step in developing that strategy

Is writing down all your achievements.

That sounds easy enough.

And once you have that, we’ll walk you through the next four steps 

In just four weeks.

Join us for “Get Paid Like a Top Performer.”

Because whether you haven’t had a review in years.

Or your annual review seems like a rubber stamp.

You want to be prepared.

It’s not that you’re not worth more.

It’s that you can’t be paid for more until you’re doing more.

More of the right kind of work.

We’ll show you how to position your work

In such a way

That your boss thinks of you

When it’s time for a raise.

What did you write on your last performance review?

Top performers aren’t surprised by performance reviews

They prepare



They map out where they have been

And where they want to go.

So they can get that raise

Ready to get paid like a Top Performer?

Text or email 617-755-8611 to schedule a complimentary coaching session to strategize a raise or promotion.

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