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Sexy Goals

Goals are like sex.  And although the goal-setting process may not be quite as fun as a romp in the sheets, a lot of the same rules apply. 

  1. You can’t accomplish it alone. If you try, the results are SO much less gratifying.

  2. Distractions and interruptions really ruin the process. Stay focused!

  3. In order to get anywhere, you need to take action. What good does a hot crush do you if you never act on it? 

  4. Confidence will get you everywhere. If yours is sagging, call a friend (or your coach) for a pep talk!

  5. Don’t rush it. Take the time to savor each step of the process. You won’t regret it. 

  6. Don’t be afraid of what turns you on. Own it instead. So what if no one else has ever started a yodeling cookie delivery company?

  7. When you finally do the deed, you’ll be really proud of yourself. And you’ll be smiling and strutting for weeks. 

In coming events: I’m offering a class where we’ll discuss three attributes top earners can break through to the next six-figure level. And while I won’t teach you how to be sexy, I will teach you how to set goals effectively, with the kind of non-nonsense confidence you need to go all the way.


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